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COVID-19 How does COVID-19 spread?

 You may have tons of questions about the novel coronavirus and one of these questions will definitely be about understanding how this virus spreads.

To understand this you will first have to know about some basics of this virus. The novel coronavirus is SARS-CoV-2 which is its clinical name. This is an acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. The origin of this virus traces to a family of other viruses that are responsible to cause respiratory issues and respiratory syndrome.

The novel coronavirus is a new strain. This means that the virus is not familiar with the human immune system. This also means that there is still no vaccine for this virus.

When a person comes in contact with the coronavirus then he is diseased with the virus COVID-19. The virus is respiratory. It means that respiratory droplets are the carrier of this virus.

Here is how the novel coronavirus gets spread from one person to another. You should also take care to understand the protection methods from this new virus strain.

How does coronavirus spread from one to another?

The main transmission method of this virus is the person to person contact. Imagine that you are sitting close to a person who is already infected with this virus. The infected person sneezes or coughs and you catch the virus. If the infected does not cover his nose and mouth then they can immediately spread it to you. If the droplets land on you then you get infected with the virus.


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